ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2025

This is a preliminary webpage for ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2025.


For potential sponsors, your company logo will be displayed at the top bar and will be visible in all sub-pages.

ICPC global sponsors will be listed first, in ranking order.
Followed by local (Singapore) sponsors, in ranking order.


This event will be hosted by National University of Singapore, School of Computing
and organised by NUS Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence (CeNCE).

How to Participate

Top 65 teams (195 distinct contestants and up to 65 coaches) from 5 other ICPC Asia Regionals in Nov-Dec 2024 (see below) and possibly a few teams from South Pacific Regionals (TBC) will be invited for this ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2025:

  1. Taichung/Taiwan (Sun, 17 Nov 2024),
  2. Jakarta/Indonesia (?? Nov or Dec 2024),
  3. Seoul/South Korea (?? Nov 2024),
  4. Hanoi/Vietnam (Fri, 13 Dec 2024), and/or
  5. Yokohama/Japan (Sun, 22 Dec 2024).

Top X (usually ≥12) teams in this championship will advance to the ICPC World Finals 2025.
The winner will be crowned as Asia Pacific Champion 2025.

Please read the information about ICPC Asia Pacific Championship (2023-24 cycle) for more details.
This link will be updated with the 2024-25 cycle soon.


Qualified teams will be automatically promoted to the contest in the ICPC global system.
The coach of qualified teams will be contacted by the organiser to confirm the intention to participate and follow up with the registration process.
Teams then need to pay a registration fee of [amount TBC] SGD per team via [method TBC].

Singapore Visa

Most citizens of Asia Pacific countries do not need visa to enter Singapore except a few.


These are the list of important venues for this event:

  1. Singapore Changi Airport (Changi),
  2. Main contest building: NUS COM3 building,
  3. Hotel(s): TBC (we will try to reserve lots of rooms in one (or two) hotel(s)),
  4. Ceremony venue: NUS University Cultural Centre,
  5. The contest venue: COM3 Multipurpose Hall (COM3-1-MPH),
  6. Coach room during the contest: COM1-2-SR1,
  7. Excursion venue: Universal Studios Singapore (TBC).


The event will run from Thursday, 27 February 2025 until Sunday, 02 March 2025.
The rough breakdown of the contest dates are:

Time Event Venue
Thursday, 27 February 2025
12nn-8pm Arrival Day
We will pick teams from Changi to NUS COM3 building via taxi
(one taxi per team of four: 1 coach, 3 contestants, 2 luggages)
Teams will do registration at NUS COM3 (if flight arrives by 7pm SGT)
Before going to hotel

Changi → COM3

COM3 → Hotel
Friday, 28 February 2025
8-8.30am Bus transfer Hotel → UCC
8.30-9am Leadership Welcome
For VIPs, ICPC HQ reps, RCDs, ISC and ITC chair, global and local sponsors
UCC VIP Lounge
Late Registration
For (a few) teams who arrived after 7pm SGT on 27 Feb
9-10am Global Sponsor(s) Tech Talk 1
Details TBC
10-11am Opening Ceremony
Performance 1/Lion Dance (intro)
Welcome speeches (speakers lineup TBC)
Performance 2
Team introduction 1 (South Korea (~10+), Japan (~10+), Taiwan (~10+))
Performance 3
Team introduction 2 (Vietnam (~10+), Indonesia (~10+), Singapore, and the rest)
11am-12nn Global Sponsor(s) Tech Talk 2
Details TBC
12nn-1pm Welcome Lunch
1-1.30pm Bus transfer UCC → COM3
1.30-2.45pm Visit sponsor booths
For global and local sponsors
2.45-3pm Contestants enter contest floor COM3-1-MPH
3-5.30pm Practice Session
Teams need to bring their team notebooks to the practice session
and leave them at the workstation after the practice station
The last 30 minutes are for Q&A Session
5.30-7pm Dinner / visit sponsor booths COM3
7-7.30pm Bus transfer COM3 → Hotel
Saturday, 01 March 2025
9-9.30am Bus transfer Hotel → COM3
9.45-10am Contestants enter contest floor COM3-1-MPH
10am-3pm The 5-hours Contest
With livestream (TBC), reference: Sat, 02 Mar 2024 version
Contestants will have lunch outside COM3-1-MPH (quick-bite type)
Non-contestants will have lunch at a separate venue (COM1-2-SR1-foyer, 12-1pm)
3-4.30pm Rest / visit sponsor booths COM3
4.30-5pm Bus transfer COM3 → UCC
VIP Arrival
UCC VIP Lounge
5.30-7pm Closing Ceremony
Photo/Video Montage of 27 Feb+28 Feb+01 Mar morning
Closing speeches (speakers lineup TBC)
Performance 1
ICPC Resolver (until just before the first World Finals 25 slot)
Performance 2
Announcing the World Finalist 25 teams and the ICPC Asia Pacific 2025 Champion
Performance 3 (outtro)
7-8.30pm Celebration Dinner
8.30-9pm Bus transfer UCC → Hotel
Sunday, 02 March 2025
9-10am Bus transfer (if joining excursion, i.e., outbound flight ≥4pm SGT)
Airport transfer via taxi (otherwise)
Hotel → Sentosa
Hotel → Changi
10am-6pm Excursion
Details TBC
2-8pm Departure
Teams are encouraged to depart from Singapore
only in the late evening or night (i.e., ≥4pm, if possible)
We will send foreign teams from USS to Changi via taxi
approximately ~2 hours before their scheduled departure time
The remaining foreign teams will be sent to Changi Airport by 8pm
USS → Changi

Reference: The Old 2024 Schedule.

The Previous ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2024, Hanoi, Vietnam

The previous ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2024 website is no longer live (see Web Archive).
But the AP Championship 2024 Scoreboard and the photo gallery can still be accessed.

Organizing Committees

ICPC Asia Director
Professor C Jinshong Hwang
ICPC Asia Pacific Director
Professor Katsuhiko Kakehi (email: [email protected])
ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2025 Director
Associate Professor Steven Halim (email: [email protected])
A/Prof Halim is the main point of contact for the ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2025
Deputy Director
Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck (email: [email protected])
Irene Ong Hwei Nee (email: [email protected]),
Teo Pei Pei
International Scientific Committee
Jonathan Irvin Gunawan (ICPC Asia Pacific Championship 2024 chief judge),
Other ISC members (TBC)
Host Scientific Committee
Members TBC
International Technical Committee
Associate Professor Rie Shigetomi Yamaguchi, The University of Tokyo,
Other ITC members (TBC)
Host Technical Committee
Musa Bin Hashim (SoC IT Unit),
Other members (TBC)
Host Volunteer Coordinator
Ceremonies (Opening/Closing)
Adi Yoga Sidi Prabawa
Daren Ler Shan Wen
Ho Siew Foong
Outsourced to one or two hotel(s) — TBC
SoC Communications (TBC)