The contest has concluded successfully. We are grateful for all of the support from sponsors, coaches and contestants around Asia Pacific region.


With the growth of ICPC in Asia Pacific countries and around the world, from the cycle 2023-2024, the ICPC Asia Pacific changes from a 2-tiers system (Regional – World Finals) to a 3-tiers system (Regional – Super-Regional – World Finals). The super-regional tier of ICPC Asia Pacific will be called “The ICPC Asia Pacific Championship”. The first edition will be hosted by the University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University Hanoi (UET-VNU) and Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP).

To qualify for the contest, teams must participate in one of the regional contests. Based on the performance in the regional contest, the top teams will be qualified for the Championship:

  • The champion of each regional contest will qualify for the World Finals directly and be invited to participate in the Championship
  • The next top teams from each regional contest will qualify for the Championship.

Based on the number of World Finals slots allocated to the Asia Pacific super-region, the top-performance teams in the Championship will qualify for the World Finals.